Building Art for the Real World
by Third Coast

Third Coast Woodworking was founded by Daniel in 2014, however the desire to create has been his passion for the past 25 years.  With a background in television production Daniel had been creating visual works for clients all across the US.  He began working with wood after a trip to Gruene, Tx and seeing a very talented woodworker .  Because of the desire to create, Daniel began to explore the world of woodworking.  With the guidance of other experienced wood crafters and a lot of trail and error Third Coast Woodworking was born.


Daniels heart is to create heirloom quality pieces with the durability that can handle the day to day grind.  Whether crafting a beautiful cutting board, custom piece or a fun kids toy, each piece is handled with precision and care.


Daniel and his family have a strong desire to create and give to the generations and it is their hope that when you handle one of their pieces you will experience the love that was poured into it.

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